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Moms Around The World June 15, 2010

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Think you’re so different?

Wonder how other moms around the world raise their kids & make time for themselves?

Here is a sneak peek into the lives of 5 moms from five different countries – Brazil, Jordan, Singapore, the Netherlands, and South Africa. I think you’ll find that women/moms are very, very similar no matter what continent they live on, or what language they speak.

Moms Around the World

How would you answer some of these same questions?

My favorite thing about being a Mom…

One of the hardest things about being a Mom is…

For dinner last night, we ate…

I love that the first mom from Brazil says that Brazilian men don’t do much to help around the house, even though many moms now work outside the home too. Sound familiar? 🙂


Priceless Contest May 10, 2010

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Wanna win something?

Who doesn’t, right?

Tom Davis, founder of Childrens HopeChest, has written a new book that arrives June 1st, 2010. I’ve read the first chapter online. It drew me in right away. And that’s sayin’ a lot. For those of you who know me, you know it usually takes me at least 60-70 pages before I’m hooked.

Here’s a video clip that goes along with the book.

As a way to promote this incredible book and a way to broaden Moms4Change readership, I’m holding a drawing to WIN Priceless! My first ever contest!

Usually I end up winning these things, but I promise not to include my own name in the drawing.

Here’s how it works:

You will begin to receive automatic emails every time a new post gets published. FYI – this is usually on a daily basis. I will not spam you or sell your name or beg for your credit card. 🙂

So your name gets entered once for subscribing to Moms4Change.

  • Now for the juicy part:

For every comment that you leave between now & June 1st, your name will be entered again. So if you make a daily comment, your name will be entered everyday!

Sweet, huh?

I will draw the winner and let you know the results by June 4th.

Now, why not score TWICE today by subscribing & by telling me how cool you think this contest is?… 🙂

SOS (Shine On Sisters!)

p.s. if you make a new comment about an older post, that counts in the drawing too!


Power? Who Needs It? May 1, 2010

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You need your power. I need my power.

However, you don’t need MY power and vice versa.

I want to encourage Moms today. Stop giving away your power. No one can take your power from you unless you willingly surrender it.

I love this quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr., the author of Life’s Little Instruction Book.

“Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you:

love, prayer, and forgiveness.”

Let me be clear here. Forgiveness is not letting someone walk all over you. That is giving your power away. You’ve probably heard it said  that the act of forgiveness is for you. Forgiveness allows you to move on. The power to forgive comes from knowing that that person has no power over you.

When I embrace the power of forgiveness I embrace love, joy & confidence to live my life freely.

I have someone in my life right now (who will remain nameless) that has had such power over me because I have GIVEN it to that person. I have allowed that person to steal my time and my joy – and they know NOTHING about it! That’s right, they don’t even know the power they have. I should say HAD. I have humbly and purposefully taken the power back. There have been times where I’ve had to actually say, “No More. You will not treat me like this if you want this relationship to continue.” Taking your power requires boldness. Regardless, I will not let any more time or joy be stolen from me because of this relationship. I’ve drawn a line.

And I suggest you do the same. Have you sold your peace and joy to someone over & over again, who is none the wiser?

Here are 3 steps to taking it back.

1. Of course the first is forgiveness. Depending on the depth of hurt, I usually don’t have the ability in me to offer forgiveness in my own strength. Take the hurt to God. Tell Him you were wronged. Tell Him you deserve respect from that person. Ask him to replace that anger and frustration with His tender love & mercy. Ask Him to help you deal with it in a healthy manner.

2. Change your focus – in other words, Go to your happy place! You’ve heard it said that the dog you feed the most is the one that wins the fight… so stop feeding into the unforgiveness. Put your time & resources & love into healthy relationships.

3. Reach out. This is a tricky one. If you are in a physically abusive situation, reaching out to the abuser is not the way to go. However, still reach out. Reach out to someone you do trust. Reach out to someone who has your best interest at heart. Don’t be afraid to open up. If we truly want our power back, we will find a way to break free from the chains that try to bind us.

What is one thing that you do in order to forgive? Let’s encourage one another…

Boundaries When to Say Yes, When to Say No, When to Take Control of Your Life

This is a great resource book by Henry Cloud & John Townsend, to deal with this issue of forgiveness and setting personal boundaries.

Have you given your power away? Me too. Let’s take it back. Today.

Keep Lovin’ Moms!


Why We Suck… The Life Out Of Ourselves April 29, 2010

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You don’t matter. Your life really doesn’t count. I’ve got better things to do with my

time & resources than to spend it on you. Somebody else can take care of you. Not me.


Do you ever say that?

Think before you quickly & religiously answer that.

Yes, you do. So do I.

Maybe not out loud, but when we turn a blind eye to the desperate need of the world’s people,

both at home & abroad we are in fact saying these things.

Have I offended you yet? Good.

I usually can come up with at least 27 excuses as to why I can’t help somebody out. Here’s my top 4

1. Dude, I’ve got bills to pay! My bills have bills to pay!!!

2. Do you have any idea what else I have to do today? I’m borrowing time from tomorrow to get done with all I have to do!

3. You know, I just don’t feel up to it… someone with Type A personality will do it. I don’t want to stress out.

4. As sure as I start to help, they’re gonna want more & more of my time & money. Before you know it I’ll be burned out and broke! Been there. Done that. I’m not taking that risk! (this is my favorite)

Let’s stop sucking… the life out of ourselves. Let’s exhale truth. Let’s breath LIFE into the world.

Truth is you are needed. There are life & death needs that you can meet! You can make the difference in someone’s life by dumping the selfish excuses & getting your hands dirty! Reach out across your street today. Reach across your world today. There is work to be done!

What ‘good’ excuses do you use when you are asked to give of your time & money?

Come on! I aired my dirty laundry… 🙂


Your Mom gave you life–save a life in her name! April 26, 2010

Moms Golden Rule: I’d venture to say that in your lifetime, you’ve heard your mom remind you of the golden rule at least a dozen times. Do what I say, not what I do. Oh! Wait… I mean the other Golden Rule: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

Here’s your chance to prove to your mom she raised you right!

Do unto others as your momma would want!

Bless her by blessing these abandoned special needs children.

Consider a $10 contribution in your mom’s name to the Emergency Equipment Fund as part of Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India. In return, Sarah’s Covenant Homes will send her a picture of one of their children (you can even choose the child) holding a decorated paper flower with a personalized special thank you message for your mom.

The photo will be emailed on Mother’s Day, along with a note to let the recipient know that in her honor (or in memory of his/her loved one), a donation was made to help equip homes for abandoned children with special needs in India with emergency medical equipment.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India: Your Mom gave you life–save a life in her name!.

This link sends you to the SCH blogsite. Be sure to click on DONATE on the right side of the page. While you’re there read some of the inspiring stories of how this ministry has helped so many ill children that would have otherwise been neglected without Sarah’s Covenant Homes and share it with your Mom.

Your Mom gave you life ~ help save a life in her honor.

Keep Lovin’ Moms!

P.S. Grandmas & Aunties & Sisters would all be honored to receive such a gift as well!


Jesus in Disguise April 12, 2010

Who do you surround yourself with?

Matthew 25:40 says, ‘And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ Jesus surrounded Himself with ‘the least of these’. He gave them hope, He esteemed them highly, He even HUNG OUT with them – the beggars, the drunkards, the prostitutes, the tax collectors! But he didn’t just hang out with them, He served them!

Who is the ‘least of these’ in your life? He didn’t have to find out their life history to see if they deserved his time & efforts. No, he just served them as if they were kings.

So did Mother Teresa.

“The dying, the crippled, the mentally ill, the unwanted, the unloved — they are Jesus in disguise… Through the poor people I have an opportunity to be 24 hours a day with Jesus. Every AIDS victim is Jesus in a pitiful disguise; Jesus is in everyone… [AIDS sufferers are] children of God [who] have been created for greater things.”

This was startling to me. What a revelation of truth. Let’s chew on this.

That filthy mess of a man dressed in ragged clothing that stands on the side of the exit ramp, holding a sign “WILL WORK FOR FOOD”. He is Jesus in disguise.

That little 10 year old Swazi girl who has lost her entire family to AIDS, who has no one to care for her, who has little hope of living past her 30th birthday, she is Jesus in disguise.

Let’s bring this closer to home.

Your beautiful newborn baby girl, fresh from heaven, is Jesus in disguise. Serve her with joy.

Your teenage son’s friend who hangs around WAY too much & could be a much better influence on your son, is Jesus in disguise. Serve him with kindness.

That little old lady, who can bearly see over the steering wheel, driving 38 miles per hour in a 55mph speed zone, is Jesus in disguise. Serve her with patience.

Serve your baby girl, that teenage boy, that little old white haired lady with fresh eyes today. They just might be – no – they ARE Jesus in disguise. Serve them with joy, patience, and love. Jesus will thank you!

Look for Jesus today. He’s all around you!


Making a Difference April 8, 2010


Everywhere we look, both inward & outward, there are needs. has several definitons of the word ‘need’ that I’d like to share with you. Stay with me, I have a profound point!

  1. a condition or situation in which something is required or wanted: crops in need for affection.
  2. something required or wanted; a requisite: “Those of us who led the charge for these women’s issues… shared a common vision in the needs of women” (Olympia Snowe)
  3. Necessity; obligation: There is no need for you to go.
  4. A condition of poverty or misfortune: The family is in dire need.

To get to my point, the fourth definition is the need I’m referring to. While the first three are true, let’s discuss what I feel is the deepest definition of the word ‘need’.

For me, blogging is born out of need. My own, but more importantly my awareness of others’ needs. Do I need to make a difference? Not for my own self-righteousness. But do others need me to make a difference? Yes. Those that are in the condition of poverty or misfortune NEED someone to speak on their behalf. They NEED a voice to bring awareness to their NEED.

Ultimately I believe this is why Jesus came, because He knew we NEEDed a Savior to bridge the deep cavern that separated us from God. He sacrificed His own desires, His own needs of comfort, His own needs of security and well being to meet the NEEDS of the poor & brokenhearted that have no hope.

I really don’t want to over spiritualize this, but I do think it’s worth stating that Jesus is still meeting the needs of the poor & destitute. How is He doing this? Through us. Through people willing to tell the truth of what is happening to others in our world. Awareness is my goal. I believe awareness is the conduit towards change & fulfillment of needs.

I want (and dare say I have a need!) to be the change & inspire change in four main areas.

Across my Heart

Some days, I’ll be honest, I feel as though I’m just taking up space, just the shadow that follows my family around cleaning up after them & getting them to school on time. Do you ever feel that way? I keep thinking, wasn’t I created for more than this? Of course being a Mom is my highest calling & I’ll never want otherwise. I’m just saying that I can do more locally & globally to make an impact. Not only can I DO more, I can BE more. I want my heart & my children’s hearts not only to feel sympathy for those in need, but to break, to truly empathize with such active compassion that no amount of self-interest will stop us from helping them. My heart longs to bless & pour hope into the world – my world. I encourage you to keep serving your family, and perhaps serve them even more diligently by showing them a greater world with needs that we can meet. When we leave this world, let’s pass the legacy torch of pro-active, joy-filled servitude to our children’s generation.

Across our Table

As a Mom, I am keenly aware of my boys need for a mom to take care of them. Not just their physical needs like cooking & cleaning & clothing, but also their need to be nurtured. I’ll admit that it feels like 95% of my time is spent on their physical needs being met, but this doesn’t make their need for love & acceptance any less important. God has put an innate desire in children to be loved & nurtured, to be wanted. I’m so glad I’m a Mom!

Have you ever had the thought or even said, “If my kids only knew how good they have it…” I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve said that to my boys, “You do NOT know how good you have it!” If that is the case, then let’s show them what to do with all that good they have! Let’s teach our kids to be GIVERS!!!! Yeah, kids are selfish by nature, but they have tender hearts (somewhere along the road to adulthood, our hearts can lose their tenderness, if not cultivated). Yes, let US cultivate our children’s hearts by showing them that there are needs all around us & all over the world. Let’s bring them on this journey with us, allowing other people to speak into their lives, let them SEE the needs & BE APART of serving the needs.

Across our Street

Do your kids know that there are very likely students in their class that go to bed without dinner on a regular basis, simply because their parents can not afford it? Do they also know that they can make a difference & bring about change for that classmate? One great way to do this I believe is to inspire the older kids, junior & senior high to help out in their local elementary schools. And once you see these pre-teens & teens in action, you can’t help but be inspired yourself. In February, our local 5th graders put together a Food Drive for the entire Elementary School. They worked so hard & inspired over 1,700 pounds of food to be donated by CHILDREN for our local Food Shelf. Amazing! Let’s find out the needs in our neighborhoods, our kids schools & inspire our kids to bring about change across the street & in our community.

Across our World

I’ll say it again. God has put an innate desire in children to be loved & nurtured, to be wanted. This statement rings just as true when it comes to children that you & I have never met who live several thousand miles away from us. These children are in the condition of poverty & misfortune. They have physical needs that I want to bring awareness to, but also need to be loved, to know someone cares about them. As a Mom, I’m sure your heart aches to know any child is alone in this world. Many have lost both parents and siblings to AIDS and other preventable diseases. What are these kids to do when there is no one to take care of them, to show them how to survive, to provide food and clothing, to hug & kiss them? They still need MOMMIES!!! Fortunately there are ministries in Africa who are working day & night to meet the needs of these children, some with whom I’ll be connecting with on my blog. But more Moms Making a Difference are needed, more funding is needed, more awareness NEEDs to be brought. So lets start to do our part!

Passion ignites passion. I’m determined to make a passionate difference in the world & inspire Moms who read this blog to make a passionate difference in the lives you touch as well. Moms – I’m sounding a Call to Active Compassion! Let’s begin the journey!