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Looking Down The Barrel of a Shotgun June 8, 2010

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What lights a fire in you and causes you to take a stand in the face of evil – no matter the cost?

Vince Giordano

An excerpt from Looking Down The Barrel of A Shotgun: “An orphan in Africa, Russia, India or some other part of the world is in a desperate battle for identity, self-worth, hope, and even survival. But, an orphan or child that has been taken into the dark world of trafficking enters new and deeper depths of hell. They enter a kind of despair that is a heavy cloak that is most likely to end in their death – usually not of natural causes. It would be the equivalent to drowning but drowning very slowly and painfully.”

For the full post: Looking Down The Barrel of A Shotgun

This post, written by Vince Giordano, has caused me to stop & think about the serious issues we face together as a human race regarding sex enslavement/trafficking of our children. That’s right, these issues are not someone else’s. They belong to you. They belong to me. The phrase, “don’t you have any human decency?” comes to mind.

What is human decency anyhow? Do we have the kind of human decency that will not stand idly by while millions of children are being kidnapped, enslaved, drugged, tortured, and raped daily? But instead would we courageously go head first into the danger, look down the barrel of a shotgun, if that’s what it takes to rescue them, one at a time, from the hell they live through each & every day? Or are we content to live the so-called American Dream of success & comfort by ignoring the issue?


Truth is many of us just don’t know what to do, or how we can help. So we don’t. In the future, Moms4Change will be sharing some information on organizations who are also looking down the barrel of a shotgun as they fight for the lives & freedom of God’s children who are victims of sex trafficking.

Please pray for Vince & his team who are going into India in a few days to find out how they can help bring light & freedom to the dark world of violence against children in that country. Do me a favor ~ comment on his blog post (at the link above) and let him know you’re supporting his efforts and are praying for him.

Shine On Sisters!


Your Mom gave you life–save a life in her name! April 26, 2010

Moms Golden Rule: I’d venture to say that in your lifetime, you’ve heard your mom remind you of the golden rule at least a dozen times. Do what I say, not what I do. Oh! Wait… I mean the other Golden Rule: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

Here’s your chance to prove to your mom she raised you right!

Do unto others as your momma would want!

Bless her by blessing these abandoned special needs children.

Consider a $10 contribution in your mom’s name to the Emergency Equipment Fund as part of Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India. In return, Sarah’s Covenant Homes will send her a picture of one of their children (you can even choose the child) holding a decorated paper flower with a personalized special thank you message for your mom.

The photo will be emailed on Mother’s Day, along with a note to let the recipient know that in her honor (or in memory of his/her loved one), a donation was made to help equip homes for abandoned children with special needs in India with emergency medical equipment.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India: Your Mom gave you life–save a life in her name!.

This link sends you to the SCH blogsite. Be sure to click on DONATE on the right side of the page. While you’re there read some of the inspiring stories of how this ministry has helped so many ill children that would have otherwise been neglected without Sarah’s Covenant Homes and share it with your Mom.

Your Mom gave you life ~ help save a life in her honor.

Keep Lovin’ Moms!

P.S. Grandmas & Aunties & Sisters would all be honored to receive such a gift as well!