Moms bringing awareness & missions outreach to the needs of women & children locally & globally, with some fun mixed in!

Sponsor an Orphan April 14, 2010

HALLELUJAH! Philani has been sponsored!!!!! Please keep checking back, though because I plan to feature other children in Swaziland who need YOU!

What a smile! Philani is an 8 year old boy who lives in the region of Manzini in Swaziland.  He lives about a 25 minute walk from the Beveni Carepoint.

The Carepoint is where 131 of 132 kids receive food, clothing if needed, education & love because of the committed workers who run the carepoint, but also because they have sponsors who give $34 a month to Children’s HopeChest that sees to it these individual children are cared for body, soul & spirit.

Philani is the ONLY child at Beveni who is yet to have a sponsor! Won’t you be the change 4 his life?

Sponsorship is a $34 a month commitment, with the opportunity to communicate with him via letters & translation of emails by Children’s HopeChest. Please contact Deb Gangemi to begin to change a life, Thank you!!! You won’t regret it.


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