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Moms Around The World June 15, 2010

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Think you’re so different?

Wonder how other moms around the world raise their kids & make time for themselves?

Here is a sneak peek into the lives of 5 moms from five different countries – Brazil, Jordan, Singapore, the Netherlands, and South Africa. I think you’ll find that women/moms are very, very similar no matter what continent they live on, or what language they speak.

Moms Around the World

How would you answer some of these same questions?

My favorite thing about being a Mom…

One of the hardest things about being a Mom is…

For dinner last night, we ate…

I love that the first mom from Brazil says that Brazilian men don’t do much to help around the house, even though many moms now work outside the home too. Sound familiar? 🙂


Are You The World’s Worst Mother? June 13, 2010

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What if you won the Worst Mother Ever award?

Lindsay Lohan’s mom did. How awful is that?

It was bestowed upon her by TMZ, a celeb gossip/news company (okay, technically from an online poll TMZ held). TMZ is not known for their excellence in journalism, but they are well-known & have a sizable following. And now Dina Lohan is known. Not just for being famous LiLo’s Mom, but for wearing the label of “Worst Mother Ever”  for things like dropping her daughter off at a bar when she was supposed to be in rehab… yeah. Wonder if her younger kids ever use that award against her? Probably. I would have when I was a kid, for sure.


This story is not to shame or judge Dina Lohan. Lord knows she needs prayer! Just an example to show that you are in fact NOT the worst mother in the world.

Besides the fact that you AREN’T, do you ever FEEL like the worst mother who walks the planet?

How about when your 2-year-old child falls head first, out of the cart onto the cement ground at the grocery store? Or when you get a call from the kindergarten principal saying that your kid threatened another kid with a pair of safety scissors? (pretty sure these two incidents are related somehow)

At times we all feel as though someone is about to hand us the Worst Mother trophy.

We screw up. We blow it. We scream.

We scold & talk to our precious child as if they were an idiot.

We spank in anger. We want to run away!

{I might need some confirmation that I’m not the only one who blows it.}

I can guarantee that all of you reading this blog love your kids. And I wouldn’t be going too far out on a limb to say you’d gladly lay your life down for them.

Just like we shouldn’t take all the credit when our kid scores the winning hit in the little league baseball game or invents the next Nobel Prize winning genetic code that stops cancer in its tracks… we can’t take all the credit for when things go wrong.

Moms, don’t allow your guilt to suck out the joys of motherhood. Realize you & your kids are gonna make mistakes: some more embarrassing than others ~ some with life-altering consequences.  It’s in those times that our kids need our love the most, not our shame.

We should strive to be the best examples, but lets allow for screw ups.

Tantrums will be thrown in public.

Naughty words will be blurted out in front of your MIL.

And don’t even get me started about what the kids will do! 🙂

Love them through their humanity ~ the good, the bad, the ugly. In that process of letting our kids be human, how about we do the same for ourselves? When you blow it, go to God, and your child, if necessary, and ask forgiveness. Teach them by example to forgive & move forward.

Release the burden of ‘motherhood’ guilt. Chances are no one is going to show up at your door and slap you with a “Worst Mother Ever” award. Unless you’re Dina Lohan. Yeah. We need to pray for that woman! 🙂

I wanna hear from you!

Have your or your kids done something lately that have made you feel as though the paparazzi might chase you down with an award you DON’T want? 🙂

Shine On Sisters!


Berta Mae needs Great TESTimonies June 2, 2010

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Berta Mae, Research Cow Extraordinaire, is TESTY!

Great testimonies are the outcome

of great TESTS!

Do any of  you have any TESTimonies you’d like to share to encourage the rest of us?

Recently or long ago, big or small, short or long… take a few minutes to recount a trial that you’ve been through.

The Word tells us to admonish one another for the building up of the saints. Don’t know about you ~ well, I do actually…. we all need encouragement. Maybe today you are riding the wave of life’s euphoric joy!

Then today is your day to ENCOURAGE other Moms that God will see them through, just as He has you.  Would you take time to share how God brought you through a trial at a different time in your life?

Were you healed? Was a relationship repaired? Was financial freedom restored? Was a prayer answered?

Can’t wait to be encouraged & uplifted!

Shine On Sisters!


Heart MOMentum June 1, 2010

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A Heart MOMentum for you!

A portion of this posting has been adapted from a Woman’s World magazine clipping that my husband’s grandma gave to me in 2005. It has spoken to me at just the right times over the years. May it encourage you today to freely live & love. Thanks Grandma Ruthie!

You’re terrific just the way you are – no makeup required!

So what if you don’t always have the perfect outfit to wear or the perfect thing to say? So what if your house is a little (okay, a lot!) messier than you’d like? Moms, you are so much more than clothes or small talk or décor.

You have your own unique




Your caring reaches farther than you think, and so do your dreams.

Why wish you were more like someone else?

You’re already somebody. Somebody special.  God made you. He formed you in your Mother’s womb. You are the Apple of His eye & His favorite you. Choose to not be your worst enemy, but humbly be your biggest fan & accept YOU the way you ARE today.

Cease your striving to measure up. Cease competing against yourself. Cease the pressure you put on yourself that begs for perfection. Live & Love in the FACT that you are CAPTIVATING to the Creator of the Universe who adores you & longs to be with you…. just. the way. you. are. He does not expect perfection, so why should you?

Send this to a friend today that you know needs to hear she’s loved.

Shine On Sisters!


3 Life Lessons Simon Cowell Taught Me May 27, 2010

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I wonder what Simon’s Momma used to say to him as a little boy… I bet she never uttered the words, “Now be nice, Simon.”

Here are 3 Life Lessons Simon has managed to teach me. He’s that good.

    1. Nice is for Phonies – People want to hear the truth (not always about ourselves, but for sure about others!) I’d rather know what someone thinks about me any day, as have them lie to my face. **It takes guts to be honest & wisdom to say it with tact.** While Simon could work on his tact, he is completely honest and usually for the benefit of the contestant. {Side Thought: Have you noticed that people with a strong English accent can get away with saying pretty much anything? And darn it if I don’t suddenly have the urge to buy some magic household tool I don’t need!}
    2. Fashion doesn’t matter. The dude wears black, white & grey exclusively and people still like him. Goes to show you actions speak louder than fashion. If the people you’re around judge you by your clothes, you need to find new people.
    3. Be original. Originality will get you through to the next round, even when you forget the words! How many times have we heard ‘be yourself’? My immediate thought is how can I be myself when I don’t know who I am? Well, I think it starts with doing something you love without worrying what other people’s responses are gonna be. We must think outside the proverbial box. I had to do this when I started blogging. I literally had to stop caring that I might offend someone because I have an opinion. It’s not that I want to offend people (okay, sometimes). But at my core, I need to be true to whom God made me & what purpose He made me for. There is freedom in living out your originality!

We will miss you & your monochromatic wardrobe, Simon. Thanks for being your rude self all these years.

So go into your summer with a renewed commitment to be honest & original. And while you’re at it, teach your kids the same. Show them that honesty & originality matter more than playing nice. By the way, 90% of the time NICE is code for “Be average & don’t make any waves. Lie if you have to. Water your opinion down so much that you don’t have one anymore.” And then we wonder why we don’t know how to be our original selves.

I think we can all benefit from hearing other perspectives. What’s one subject you’ve decided you don’t have to be nice about?

Shine On Sisters!

ps. Give extra love to the people you hold dear this Memorial Weekend.


Sounds of Home

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We are in our new home!

We live in a small town and now in a small charming house directly across from the elementary school where my kids attend.

Next to the school, every day, every hour, the Catholic church bells sound.

I have decided church bells are one of my new favorite sounds.

They remind me to stop what I’m doing, take a moment and thank God for all I’ve been blessed with. Every hour. Every day.

Here’s a few things other sounds I’m thankful for:

  1. Parties ~ we’ve already had several parties including painting, cleaning, BBQs & birthday parties
  2. People ~ laughter & joy have filled our home. We have been astounded with everyone’s joyful willingness to help us settle in. Even my SIL is coming at 6AM tomorrow morning to weed my flower garden! That’s love, people!
  3. Silence ~ We’ve been without internet & television for nearly a week. I never thought we’d survive without Facebook & Season Finales at our fingertips. However I am loving the solitude. I can close the blinds, lock the doors & love on my boys & husband any time of the day or night. We’re not looking for some outside force to entertain us. We can just be. It’s golden.
  4. Bright  colors ~ Yes, colors make sound. They speak volumes about who we are. We painted our living room is bright green. Every morning, it gently calls me to a refreshing comfort of nature! And I feel alive & inspired to create in my bright yellow office. Gone are the neutral colors of our past homes!
  5. Freedom ~ All of this is the sound of freedom. Freedom to own a home. Freedom to raise our children how & where we want. We have this privilege that so many in our world do not have. And every time I hear those church bells, I am reminded how blessed I truly am to be living in Small Town America.

Ladies, you don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. Your home doesn’t have to be perfectly large, or perfectly clean, or perfectly decorated.

Your home is perfect because you & your family live & love there.

Today take in all the sounds of your home & remember how blessed you truly are.

Shine On Sisters!


Berta Mae is Back… and She’s Hungry!!! May 19, 2010

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Berta Mae, Research Cow Extraordinaire, is HUNGRY!

Okay, so you guys surprised me! I knew I had smart readers, but I was shocked at how many of you responded to my first set of questions regarding friendship, with such thoughtful insight.

Thank you!

Now here’s another question for you…

In order to be a true friend, we have to tell the truth even when it hurts, because lying to her (includes keeping quiet)  will hurt even more, right?

Now I know my opinion on this, but I’m prepared to be fascinated by yours.

Research Question:  In your opinion, is it okay to be brutally honest, in the context of close friendships? Another way of asking this is ~ do you value friends who are brutally honest with you? Or are you offended by their honesty? Please explain.

Keep those answers coming! Remember Berta Mae is hungry!!!! 🙂

In case you missed the first questions…

SOS! Research Help Needed!

Shine on Sisters!